About Livio Senigalliesi Archive

LIVIO SENIGALLIESI, born in Milano (Italy) in 1956.

Self-taught photographer, Senigalliesi begins the carrer at the beginning of the ‘80s taking pictures of social issues, homeless, immigrants, workers living in the suburbs of the industrial towns of the north and mafia in the south of Italy.
In the lastest 20 years his passion for photography as testimony and the attention to historical events have taken him to many of the world hot spots: the Middle East and Kurdistan during the Gulf War, Berlin in the division and in the reunification times, Moscow during the days of the coup d'état which decreed the end of the Soviet Union, Sarajevo during the siege and all the phases of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia.
He works for the UNHCR (United Nations High Commission for Refugees) Photo-Desk, for the Italian Cooperation  for several Italian and foreign NGOs, documenting the consequenses of the war, the suffering of the civilians and the projects of reconstruction.

Author of many books and photo-ehxibitions, Senigalliesi published his reportage on the main national and intl newspapers and magazines as Corriere della Sera, Repubblica, L'Europeo, L'Espresso, Epoca, Panorama, Il Manifesto, Avanguardia, El Pais, Liberation, Facts, Die Welt, Berliner Morgenpost, Stern, Frankfurter Allgemeine, Time Magazine, National Geographic Magazine.
During the last years he realized projects for UNHCR, Amnesty International, Medicins sans Frontieres, Premio Ilaria Alpi, Goethe Institut, Alexander Langer Foundation, Rigoberta Menchù Tum Foundation.

Web site: www.liviosenigalliesi.com

Web archive: senigalliesi.photoshelter.com


Middle-East: Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, Cyprus, Turkey, Kurdistan.
Balkans: Croatia, Bosnia i Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Makedonia.
Eastern Europe: DDR, Romania, URSS, Georgia, Cecenia and former Soviet Republics of central Asia.
Asia: Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Vietnam, Cambodia.
Africa: RDC, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, Mozambique.
Latin-America: Guatemala.

"Balkan" – Ed. Museo Ken Damy.
"Kosovo, c'ero anch'io" - Ed. Rizzoli / Bur
"Vittime, storie di guerra sul fronte della pace" - Fazi Editore
"Balcani: la guerra in Europa. Memorie per l'educazione alla pace" - Ed. Cesvi
"Terra di Palestina" - Ed. Provincia di Salerno - Donne in nero - Assopace
"Caucaso" - Mazzotta Editore
"Rwanda: memories of the genocide" - Teatri 90 Editore
"Justicia y verdad" Ed. Rigoberta Menchù Tum Foundation - Guatemala City
"Dispacci dal fronte" published by EGA Libri for Reporter sans Frontieres – Italia"


1998 "Bayeux War Corrispondent Award" category war-photographer
2003 PDN Photo Annual Award for the photos and contents of the web-site
2004 "World Health Organization Photo Award"
2006 "Antonio Russo Award" category war photographers
2007 "Peacey-The Dove of hope" by Assisi Administration


1996 - He worked as a stage-photographer in the first Bosnian movie shot in Sarajevo during the post war period, "Perfect Circle" by the director Ademir Kenovic, presented at Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

Since 2000 his exhibition "Beyond the wall" has travelled with the italian theatre group 'Scarlattine'.
His pictures become a source of inspiration for young actors who dramatised and put on stage the present tragedies causing strong emotional response in a large audience of different age and taking part in many artistic events against the war.


2010 "WAR!" selection of pictures shot in war’ zones during the last 20 years. La spezia / International Prize Exodus.

2009 "BERLIN YEAR ZERO" photo-exhibion dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall.
Project Berlin 1989-Milan 2009 - Freedom Day

2008 "HEALING THE WAR” - Psychosocial perspectives and experiences in conflict-torn areas / Rome - International Conference Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
This powerful representation of the recent conflicts offer a chance to gain perspectives on the thousands of human histories marked by weapons and violence.

2007 "VIETNAM, 30 YEARS LATER" photo-exhibition dedicated to the victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin – Perugia / International Journalism Festival.